Birding Supplies

Cole’s line of top-quality wild bird feed contains only those seeds that birds actually eat. Each type of seed is specifically selected for its appeal to specific groups of birds. No cheap filler seeds like Milo, Wheat, Red Millet, Flax, or old crop leftovers are ever used. In addition, we only pull from the top 1-2% of each crop and clean everything a minimum of 4 times to ensure you get good quality seed – not sticks and dirt.

Even better, we keep our seeds as close to a natural state as we can. Unlike other brands, we do not wash our feed or coat it with chemicals and mineral oil to make it look better. So, you get what you paid for, a better wild bird feed.   

These are just a few of the Cole.s products we carry. Stop in to see all the Coles Products we carry.


We started in our kitchen, expanded into our laundry room and then grew into our garage. Now we occupy a 35,000 and 82,000 sq. ft building, we still purchase our supplies from the vendors that started with us when we were tiny and stuck with us through the lean times.

There is nothing in the world we would rather be doing than making quality products to help people enjoy nature. So please, feed the birds, they’re hungry…

Bird Feeders

These are just a few bird feeders we carry. Stop by to see our large selection of feeders in person.