Garden Center

Located in Barnwell, SC, Adam’s Nursery and Garden Center is a cozy and inviting garden center for all plant enthusiasts. 

We offer attentive service, a large selection of plant variety, plant quality, and value unmatched by the big discount chains and large nurseries. 

Check our plant availability and you will find lots of garden plants that are unique and not available at the discount chains and other nurseries. Browse our selection, look at the quality of the plants, notice how they are cared for, talk to our sales staff, and then do the same at the discount chains Chances are you will be back for your plants at our garden center.

How plants are cared for while at the nursery is important to how well they will do in your garden. Our growers are proud of their quality plants and we continue to maintain this high quality once the plants are in our garden center through proper fertilization, irrigation, pruning, weeding, and insect control.