We take great pride in the homes and businesses we maintain. Our goal is for our customers yards to stand out and be the envy of the neighborhood. Each of our customers have different needs and our lawn care plans are built to our customers specifications. Some folks want their lawns mowed once per week, others once per month, and some want fertilizer and insect control included. Others do these things themselves. Whatever your needs or wants... we are here to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.







Annual Spring Open House April 4
Our Annual Spring Open house will be April 4, 2015. Will be held from 9am-5pm. Please join us as we showcase our new garden center office and spring plants and gardening supplies.
Check Out Our New 2015 Items!
Birdbaths, Fountains & Statuary...New order arriving mid spring from Athens Stonecasting check out their website and let us know if you see something you would like for us to order for you.
Grow Your Own Fruit in 2015!
We just received our annual fruit tree shipment. Looking for nectarines, persimmons, apples, peaches, pears, plums, blueberries? So come see us!
Fertilizer & Potting Soil Headquarters
We are your headquarters for all Miracle Gro and Osmocote potting soils and fertilizers along with Black Kow composts. Get the soil right & growing the flowers/vegetables will be a breeze!
Now Available at Our Garden Center:
Bulk Mulches and Topsoil. (Red Mulch, Pine-bark, Hardwood Mulch) Bring your truck and we will load you up!

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