What Is the purpose of Landscape Lighting?

     1. SAFETY: Having a well lit home and landscape could deter burglars and other criminals at night.  It could also help a light up a pathway or parking area for guests or yourself.

2.   CONVENIENCE: Lets say you want to have a cookout on the patio.  Everything is in place the grill, patio chairs and tables, how can you see each other to socialize, to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere without light that’s insane!  A well lit patio, deck or general hangout area makes the evening much more enjoyable for friends, family and yourself.

3.     BEAUTY: That’s right you can enjoy your landscape twice as much,  you can see all of your favorite plants  even after the sun goes down.  Think about the way the light will hit the plants and make them shine.


Who Needs Landscape Lighting……Everyone can enjoy it whether your current landscape is elaborate or simple you can pick he best attributes of your landscape whether it be a statue, bird bath, fountain, walkway, pathway, shrub or tree, a certain feature of your home’s architecture, whatever else would be interesting and bring light to the darkness.

 How does it work?  It works by plugging a power pack into a regular power socket.  Low voltage wire is run to each light with each light being connected to the last using up to 300 watts.  The wire is buried under mulch when possible and 6” under dirt otherwise. Each run can be no further than 200’ from the power pack. (some power packs may push farther) After you use up 300 watts on a line you must run a new line from the power pack to the next group or zone of lights.


     How much does it cost?  Starting  Between $750-$1000 


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