Good Landscaping should be beautiful, practical, and functional. Landscaping your home or business is an investment, not an expense. Whether you are talking about having a wonderful environment for the next family get together or trying to increase the sale price of your home, landscaping is important.

At Adam's Nursery we strive to design great plans for your outdoor enjoyment We use top grade plants (rated excellent by the SC Department of Plant Industry) grown at our own nursery. We go above and beyond the standards to ensure you have a beautiful yard with healthy plants while keeping the maintenance time minimal.

Adam has over 11 years landscaping experience and a degree in Environmental Horticulture from Augusta Technical College. Adam and his team are always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the curve. Our employees have the opportunity each year to attend the SC Nursery and Landscape Association's annual trade show and educational seminars. It is enjoyable, educational, and it keeps our company informed about all the latest landscaping plants and trends in South Carolina. Many of the homes we have landscaped over the years have won various awards like yard of the month from local garden clubs and are the envy of the neighborhood. We were also voted Best Landscaping and Lawn Care Company by the reader's of The People Sentinel in 2003!


When we Landscape We Use:
Black Kow compost as a soil amendment
Osmocote slow release fertilizer that lasts up to 8 months
Commercial Grade weed block landscape fabric
Top quality mulches of your choice




During hot dry summers it is nice to come home to a green lush lawn. It's hard to have a healthy lawn without a water since lawns are 90% water! Our Irrigation systems are efficient and very low maintenance. We install total Rainbird systems controlled with a 6,8, or 24 zone timer. All of our systems are automatic. We guarantee 100% water coverage on the areas specified by our clients. Our systems come with a one year parts and labor warranty. We irrigate homes, businesses, apartment complexes, and even city parks.


We service and repair most systems. Sometimes irrigation repair can be challenging but our irrigation guys love a good challenge!


We Can Do All Of the Following Plus More:
Replace Broken or Outdated Timers
Replace Damaged Irrigation Heads
Repair Broken Water Lines
Replace Broken Solenoid Valves
Update Any Existing Systems to Cover New or Old Areas


Annual Spring Open House April 4
Our Annual Spring Open house will be April 4, 2015. Will be held from 9am-5pm. Please join us as we showcase our new garden center office and spring plants and gardening supplies.
Check Out Our New 2015 Items!
Birdbaths, Fountains & Statuary...New order arriving mid spring from Athens Stonecasting check out their website and let us know if you see something you would like for us to order for you.
Grow Your Own Fruit in 2015!
We just received our annual fruit tree shipment. Looking for nectarines, persimmons, apples, peaches, pears, plums, blueberries? So come see us!
Fertilizer & Potting Soil Headquarters
We are your headquarters for all Miracle Gro and Osmocote potting soils and fertilizers along with Black Kow composts. Get the soil right & growing the flowers/vegetables will be a breeze!
Now Available at Our Garden Center:
Bulk Mulches and Topsoil. (Red Mulch, Pine-bark, Hardwood Mulch) Bring your truck and we will load you up!

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