Our fountains are all made right here in South Carolina.  The company that makes our fountains use the best materials available while keeping prices reasonable. They use Columbian sand and granite (not rock dust), vibrating tables, tons of rebar, and one of the highest PSI's in the industry. Their painting quality compares well with companies charging two or three times what they do. Check out the pictures of the fountains and bird baths we keep in stock at our retail location in Barnwell.  All of our fountains and bird baths are painted to give you long lasting color.  All fountain prices include the pump and tubing.  Delivery and set up is available for any fountain or birdbath, please call for pricing. 


Adam's Nursery & Landscaping is now the areas only Massareli's dealer. Massarelli's is the maker of some of the highest quality fountains and stone garden accents on the market. Click on the photo below to view some of their items.

Athens Stonecasting of Georgia



Click on the fountain to view larger image.

Fou27 H 44” W 30” $270.00 

Fou31 H 40” W 28”  $300.00  

Fou18  H 34’  W 32’  $300.00

Fou51  H 33”  W 18”  $180.00

Fou64 H 28” W 21” $225.00

Fou04  H 5’ W 39” $550.00*



Fou57 H 48” W 41” $425.00

Woodland Fountain $270.00 3 Tier Contemporary Fountain $615.00


Misc Birdbaths Starting at $24


Orb Fountain


Misc. Birdbaths Starting at $24 Orb Fountain $300.00 Lion Pot 4 Corner Bowl $700.00

*Fou04 - Pool at bottom not included at this price but can be added call for pricing and details

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Click on the bird baths to view larger image.


24"W x 32"H    $50.00


22"W x 30"H   $46.00

Lane/Slim BB

19"W x 25"H   $47.00   


19"W x 26"H   $42.00  

Flower/Catawba BB

28"W x 27"H $50.00

Roman/Round Leaf

24"W x 27"H  $50.00

Daisy/Bunny BB

20"W x 21"H $40.00

Angel Bird Bath

17"W x 15"H 42.00

Lg. Flower/Flamingo

29"w x 27"H   $60.00   

Med. Octagon/Festoon

33.5"H x 30"W $80.00

2 Kids Bird Bath

22.5"H   $42.00   

Oxford BB

19"H x 13"W   $42.00   




Celtic BB

27"H x 17"W  $42.00

Pee Wee Bath


Daisy Wood BB

Bath 06  $42.00

Lamp Post BB

Bath 10  $46.00

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Annual Spring Open House April 2
Mark your Calendars: Our Annual Spring Opening will be held on April 2, 2016. This is a chance for you to tour our fully stocked garden center full of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets and concrete birdbaths and more.
Its Tree season!
Its Tree season...that’s right it’s time to plant flowering trees. Check out our selection of Bradford Pears, flowering cherries, flowering crabapple, Saucer Magnolias, Crape myrtles and more.
Edible landscapes are great!
Now is the time of year to plant your fruit tree or berry bearing plants. We have this area’s largest selection of fruit bearing plants from Apples to Plums and blackberries to blueberries. Plant today and pick fruit this summer.
Garden Center Hours: Spring/Summer/Fall
Monday—Friday 9 am—5:30pm / Saturday 9am—4pm Closed Sundays
WINTER HOURS: Monday— Friday 9am—5pm and Saturday 9am—1pm Closed Sundays
Wanna Save money?
Buy mulch in bulk at our Garden center. We carry red mulch, double hammered hardwood mulch, dyed brown mulch and even topsoil. Don’t need mulch in bulk we also carry a great selection of bagged gravel, mulches and soils.
Are the deer and other critters eating your prize plants?
Visit the garden center and find the liquid fence brand of repellents these are guaranteed to succeed in keeping away the deer, rabbits, dogs, moles, snakes and more.
NEW Shipment:
Each year in mid-February we receive a new shipment of stained/painted concrete birdbaths, benches, statuary, fountains, planters, and more. Come check out what new items the garden center guys and gals have picked out for you this year.

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