1. How much should I water my lawn?

The amount you water your lawn will depend on your soil type,   (sand, clay, etc) sun exposure and type of grass you have.  Most of my customers water 3 times per week  about 1 hour per zone for lawn areas.  Sandy  sunny areas may require more water.


2. When is the best time to fertilize my shrubs and lawn?

I recommend fertilizing around the middle of April with a slow release fertilizer.  The amount you use will depend on your variety of grass and the type of shrubs you have consult with a professional for kind of fertilizer best for your particular conditions.


3. How often should I mow my Lawn?

You should mow your lawn at least every 2 weeks but more often would be better.  Never cut more than 1/3 of the height at one mowing.  Mowing once per week  ( if you have irrigation) would be optimum.


4. When Can I  install Sod or Seed my yard?

You can install sod all year long.  Seed however should be done between april and August. 


5. When is the best time to install trees and shrubs?

Because our plants are container grown locally you can install all year long.  The best times are usually the fall and spring because the temperatures are warm but not hot and we generally get more rainfall those times of year.


6. Does Adam’s Nursery draw landscape plans?

Yes.  After our initial consultation we can discuss drawing plans and how much it will cost to have them drawn.


Annual Spring Open House Mar. 28
Our Annual Spring Open house will be Mar. 28, 2015. Will be held from 9am-5pm. Please join us as we showcase our new garden center office and spring plants and gardening supplies.
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